Thank you all for your submissions :)
I was happy to discover again entries from France, The United States, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Philippines, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Denmark, Argentina, Poland, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Finland and Singapore!

Now YOU need to vote for your favorite! Look at the following 16 nominees.
Choose the one you like most and enter your choice in the blog poll.

First prize is a LX3 cable release adapter and second
prize is a LX3 shoe cover generously offered by
"Camera accessories by Richard Franiec"

A - "SMALL LIFE" by Dija Abreu

B -
"INSIDE"" by Wallischeck Michael

C -
"MONT SAINT MICHEL" by Quin Bisset

D -
"FROZEN" by Nicolas G.

E -
"MARIE" by Nico Gantouse

F -
"SPIRIT BEYOND" by Staton R. Winter

G -
"FLUID TREES" by Alexander Khokhlov

H -
"UNTITLED" by Tiago Kummel Figueiro

I -
"SENSAZIONI A GENOVA" by Paolo Menichini

J -
"NATURE'S WAKING UP" by Nicolas G.

K -
"BOUGANVILLIA" by Staton R. Winter

L -
"MERLIN"" by Nico Gantouse

M -
"MORNING GLORY 4" by Richard Jay Raderman

N -
"CROCODILES" by Staton Winter

O -
"HI THERE" by Jean DeVour

P -
"CLOSE ENCOUNTERS" by Conor Dupre-Neary

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Hagai Azaz said...

a lot of pictures here deliver the shallow depth of field, and meet the contest demands.
but, beyond the great technical achievment, this photo is very emotional, and THAT is rare in most photos here.

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